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June is Orca Awareness Month

Research & ReportsJun 13, 2017

June 2017 is Orca Awareness Month - let's get to know them better! Do you know the difference between resident and transient orcas? Don’t feel bad if you don’t as researchers only discovered this distinction in the late 1980s. Their diet, morphology ... Read More

Pacific Wild on World Oceans Day 2017 presents the Great Bear Sea MPA Network

Related NewsJun 8, 2017

Today is World Oceans Day! This global day of ocean celebration helps us to remember how important the oceans are for our own survival. The theme this year is “ Our Oceans, Our Future ”. Without the ocean, there is no life on this planet. In British ... Read More

Photo by Ian McAllister

Rockfish Need Marine Protected Areas

BlogJun 7, 2017Lindsay Marie S...

Rockfish in the coastal waters of British Columbia are characterized by their amazing variety of shapes, sizes and colours. From black to green and even crimson and vibrant orange, rockfish camo resembles the seafloor and rock faces where they live ... Read More