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The Great Bear Rainforest Agreement: Unfiltered

BlogFeb 3, 2016Ian McAllister

I have been asked for my opinion of the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement (GBRA) several times over the last 48 hours. As I’m sure many people reflecting on this agreement in public and private can relate, synthesizing your thoughts for a media sound byte is challenging at the best of times – more so ... Read More

HERRING: Heiltsuk, DFO make historical agreement

BlogJan 18, 2016Pacific Wild

“ The development of this plan has set the stage for future co-management of resources with the federal government. On behalf of the Heiltsuk Tribal Council, I applaud DFO staff for successfully establishing the foundation for a nation-to-nation ... Read More

NEWS ROUND-UP: Week of January 11, 2016

BlogJan 14, 2016Pacific Wild

Amidst the unexpected and looming challenges posed by climate change and massive energy proposals, political and legal developments over the last couple days have been exceptionally encouraging...Read More

ACTION ALERT: Wolves and bears are in Premier Clark’s crosshairs… again

BlogDec 14, 2015Pacific Wild

While everyone is busy gearing up for the holiday season, the B.C. government is at it again, ramping up the "#‎waronwildlife" and hoping we won't notice. If you already know the scoop, click here to take action . For helpful context, read on. ... Read More