HERRING: Heiltsuk, DFO make historical agreement

Jan 18, 2016
Pacific Wild

The development of this plan has set the stage for future co-management of resources with the federal government. On behalf of the Heiltsuk Tribal Council, I applaud DFO staff for successfully establishing the foundation for a nation-to-nation relationship with our people. We look forward to building this relationship as we continue to uphold our responsibility as Heiltsuk to protect our lands, waters, and resources.”

Chief Councillor Marilyn Slett

Today, the Heiltsuk Tribal Council formally announced it has reached an agreement for a 2016 Central Coast Herring Management Plan with Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

This is a major step in the right direction for sustainable fisheries throughout the Great Bear Rainforest. First Nations' traditional and local knowledge, paired with good science and sound, enforceable policies make for the kind of regulations that can keep the coast - its ecosystems and economies - healthy and strong for generations.

Our deep thanks and congratulations to the Heiltsuk Nation - if not for your dedication and leadership, this agreement would never have been possible.

Learn more about this milestone agreement on the Heiltsuk Tribal Council's Facebook Page, blog, or download the press release.

Stay tuned. Soon we will be sharing additional information and analysis on the announcement and what it means for fisheries management in the Great Bear Rainforest - make sure you're getting our emails so you don't miss it.

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