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2015 RETROSPECTIVE: Government-sanctioned war on wolves persisting

BlogDec 1, 2015Pacific Wild

For decades, the provincial government has been ignoring the plight of mountain caribou, whose habitat has been systematically lost or fragmented as a result of industrial development and human encroachment. With some of B.C.'s interior herds at the ... Read More

As we write this, members of the Lax Kw'alaams are re-occupying the proposed site, and attempting to stop test drilling that is occurring even before the project has approval.

YOU ASKED: Is the tanker fight over?

BlogNov 20, 2015Pacific Wild

With newly elected Prime Minister Trudeau calling for a moratorium on crude oil tanker traffic through the Great Bear Rainforest, it’s true, the Northern Gateway pipeline IS a step away from entering our history books, but it is not without ... Read More

EVENT RECAP: The Wild In You

BlogNov 6, 2015Pacific Wild

Already topping the B.C. Best Seller’s list, this book of poems by Canada’s beloved Lorna Crozier, paired with some of Ian’s best photographs yet, makes for an indelible account of the strength and fragility of our coast. Last week, we were in ... Read More

EVENTS: We're hitting the road

BlogNov 4, 2015Pacific Wild

Next week, Pacific Wild co-founder Ian McAllister, conservationist, photographer, and longtime Great Bear Rainforest resident, is making his way into British Columbia to meet with our colleagues and supporters in Vernon, Revelstoke, Kaslo, and ... Read More

VOICES: Miley Cyrus, Carl Safina, and Mary and John Theberge visit Pacific Wild in the Great Bear Rainforest

BlogOct 7, 2015Pacific Wild

Last week, pop superstar Miley Cyrus took to Instagram to denounce the B.C. wolf cull. A week later, Miley and her brother arrived in the Great Bear Rainforest to join Pacific Wild on a research trip with renowned wolf experts John and Mary Theberge ... Read More

BEHIND THE SCENES: Sea wolves and Pacific Wild in National Geographic

BlogOct 1, 2015Pacific Wild

Our work to achieve levels of protection worthy of the enigmatic and globally rare sea wolves that call the Great Bear Rainforest home reached the pages of National Geographic magazine this October, even gracing the cover of some of the magazine's ... Read More

DISPATCH: Predator vs. prey: An offshore encounter

BlogSep 2, 2015April Bencze

A large female shark materializes out of the blue, heading straight for me. I am suspended in the water column 20 feet from the surface, with 6000 feet of water below me. The water is blue. Electric blue. The only thing rivalling it is the brilliant ... Read More

DISPATCH: Whales in the wild and on the web

BlogAug 30, 2015Diana Chan

‘Tons of orcas in Seaforth.’ This is a welcome text on any day, but especially near the opening of a field season dedicated to tracking a marine mammal that so far has remained elusive. After a week of using two remote cameras to survey cetaceans ... Read More

DISPATCH: Gateway to the Great Bear Sea

BlogAug 28, 2015Ian McAllister

British Columbia’s offshore world is as real as the mountains we climb and the rivers we swim in, but not nearly as familiar. A team of Pacific Wild documentarians and conservationists set out on an expedition to help generate a more complete ... Read More

YOU ASKED: What happens to an entangled humpback? What can I do about it?

BlogAug 25, 2015Guest Blogger

While the threat of entanglement is far from new, it has been a particularly bad summer, with six documented entanglements in the last month alone. Continuing at this rate, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) estimates 2015 will set a new record for ... Read More