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From D.C. to B.C. Part V: Launch of the Indiegogo Campaign!

BlogNov 8, 2013Loren Clark-Moe

This is the post that I have been oh so excited to write from the moment I got here and I cannot believe that I get to be part of this effort! In my very first post I mentioned a video that we were working on. I also promised that there would be ... Read More

From D.C. to B.C. Part IV

BlogNov 3, 2013Loren Clark-Moe

There is an epic struggle between the playful wolf pups’ love of chewing and Pacific Wild’s desire to have a functioning camera in the estuary where they fish. In my last post I wrote about how Rob and I went out to repair the camera feed and the ... Read More

Brig.-Gen. M.G. Zalinski – Cleaning up Oil or Image

BlogNov 1, 2013Ian McAllister

Zalinski – Cleaning up Oil or Image Last winter I found myself descending slowly down a black wall, my dive partner Tavish Campbell, somewhere off to my left is only recognized by the narrow beam of his dive light. The depth gauge registered 100 ... Read More

From D.C. to B.C. Part III

BlogOct 28, 2013Loren Clark-Moe

Hi everyone! October in the Great Bear Rainforest continues to be amazing! One of the first things I heard about Pacific Wild was their Great Bear LIVE program, and in particular, their camera along a riverbed where we can watch live footage of ... Read More

From D.C. to B.C. Part II

BlogOct 23, 2013Loren Clark-Moe

Hello again! This is Loren, back again to share some of my experiences up here with Pacific Wild. So far, so great! Day 4: Well today was the first day where I officially got very wet, and very cold! Last night the team agreed to meet on the dock at ... Read More

From D.C. to B.C.

BlogOct 17, 2013Loren Clark-Moe

My name is Loren and I first met Ian and Karen McAllister, the founders of Pacific Wild, in September and absolutely fell in love with the Great Bear Rainforest and the work Pacific Wild is doing to protect it. But one visit up here is never long ... Read More

Bog Blog - Denny Island celebrates International Bog Day on July 28th, 2013

BlogAug 19, 2013Krista Roessingh

Denny Island celebrated its first year of participation in International Bog Day, July 28th, with fun events highlighting the importance of this widespread ecosystem in the Great Bear Rainforest. International Bog Day is celebrated in various ... Read More

The Great Bear Rainforest - Taking the Inside - OUT!

BlogJul 31, 2013Colette Heneghan

Spring, Summer and Autumn are busy, exciting and often hectic times for ‘happenings’ not only in the field, but also further afield from our base in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia. While my colleagues install hydrophones and field ... Read More

Sails, Stewards, and Sunshine

BlogJul 23, 2013Diana Chan

Last week Tavish Campbell, Max Bakken, and I were joined by six SEAS (Supporting Emerging Aboriginal Stewards) interns from Bella Bella, Klemtu, and Hartley Bay for our inaugural sail training program. During our five days aboard SV Habitat, we ... Read More

From NYC to the GBR

BlogJul 15, 2013Guest Blogger

by Elliot Bok As the New York City skyline faded in the distance, I closed the airplane window cover over the reddening sunset in favor of a nap on my way to Vancouver. Upon landing, I rode on a couple of increasingly tiny planes, going farther and ... Read More