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A History of Great Bear Live Part I

BlogOct 31, 2018Krista Roessingh

Many Pacific Wild followers and supporters learned about us, and about the Great Bear Rainforest, through Great Bear LIVE. Great Bear LIVE began in 2007, when we began experimenting with live-streaming video from hidden cameras in wolf and bear habitat. In those early years, we could not get the ... Read More

Great Bear Live Part II: Looking Forward

BlogOct 31, 2018Krista Roessingh

This summer marked a new beginning for the Great Bear Sea Hydrophone Network. We deployed five Autonomous Multichannel Acoustic Recorders (AMAR G2s) around the Central Coast in Heiltsuk territory. Autonomous recorders are basically very sensitive, ... Read More

From left to right: Xavier Mouy, David Hannay, Krista Roessingh, and Jordan Wilson

Pacific Wild receives new autonomous hydrophones and recorders for the Great Bear Sea Hydrophone Network

BlogMar 12, 2018Pacific Wild

Pacific Wild and GBEAR are extremely grateful and excited to receive a set of autonomous hydrophones (underwater microphones) and recorders from JASCO Applied Sciences, as well as excellent training in ocean acoustics from Tom Dakin at Ocean ... Read More

2017 Winter Newsletter

2017 Winter Newsletter

BlogDec 19, 2017Pacific Wild

A cornerstone of Pacific Wild’s wildlife protection work has always been visual storytelling and impactful communications. As we near the end of 2017, we are reflecting on the roller coaster of conservation campaigns, exploration and adventures that ... Read More