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Drone research uses photogrammetry & breathalyzer's to monitor killer whale health

BlogFeb 15, 2017Lindsay Marie S...

Turning to drones for capturing stunning imagery and cinematography has become a hobby for some, a popular profession for others, and at times has morphed into a controversial issue - drones and wildlife do not always get along . However, over the ... Read More

Another cod-like collapse possible under DFO watch, says federal audit

Related NewsOct 5, 2016

A new federal audit report warns another fish species collapse could happen again under the watch of Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans. "From my perspective, we are still at risk of having another stock potentially go into collapse, ... Read More

The 40-Year-Old Federal Salmon Study That Should Have Killed Pacific Northwest LNG

Related NewsSep 29, 2016

The report is dated July 17, 1973, and stamped by the Department of the Environment. Scientists had undertaken a study of fish in the Skeena estuary due to proposals to build a super port in the Prince Rupert area. The federal government wanted to ... Read More