Great Bear Live

Pacific Wild's Great Bear LIVE Project on Vimeo.

View highlight clips from the cameras here.

The Great Bear Rainforest is one of the last cradles of biodiversity on the planet. Grizzly bears, spirit bears, and coastal wolves roam the ancient forests, while whales and five species of salmon swim the waters. Despite their appeal and ecological importance, much is still unknown about these wildlife populations and their complex predator-prey relationships. Increased knowledge on these matters is crucial to raising awareness and making informed land and marine-use decisions.

Pacific Wild is working to improve our understanding of elusive coastal wildlife in the most non-invasive manner possible. Traditional approaches to wildlife behaviour research have caused habituation to humans and displacement of wildlife from prime foraging areas. 

Our remote sensing systems utilize a new generation of technology including pan-tilt zoom cameras, underwater cameras, and hydrophones. This equipment can be installed in remote locations and beamed back to our headquarters using wireless transmitters and alternative energy systems. The result is our unique opportunity to gather new information while leaving wildlife completely undisturbed. We use the data we collect as an educational tool as a part of the SEAS Community Initiative, as well as for research and conservation planning. 





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