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DOWNLOAD A TEACHER'S LEARNING GUIDE [PDF] with discussion questions, ready-to-go lessons and extension activities.

Paired with The Salmon Bears, this guide addresses a number of the Prescribed Learning Outcomes for grades four to seven established by the B.C. Ministry of Education.

The following video links are part of The Salmon Bears Learning guide.

Coastwatch - The Koeye River Grizzly Study

Koeye Grizzly Project

Qqs' goal is to help create a generation of Heiltsuk leaders who are committed to the  
sustainable  management and use of our lands and resources. Qqs believes the best way to achieve this goal is to reconnect Heiltsuk youth with their natural environment. 



Field Videos

Watch these videos that were filmed in remote locations of the Great Bear Rainforest on the central and north coast of British Columbia. Researchers were able to catch both the grizzly and the rare Kermode or spirit bear behaviour in their natural habitat.

Grizzly Bear Rubs Tree                                                                                           

A grizzly bear uses a scent mark tree in the Great bear Rainforest.


Grizzly Bear Fishing,
Great Bear Rainforest,B.C.                                        

A grizzly bear fishes for salmon in the great Bear Rainforest.


Three Grizzlies Resting                                                                                          

Coastal B.C. grizzly bears rest on a mossy riverbank.


Grizzly Mother and Cub Eat Salmon


A coastal mother and cub dig for chum salmon eggs.


Spirit Bear Fishing,
Great Bear Rainforest                                                     

A big spirit bear, or Kermode bear, fishes in a fast-flowing river in the Great Bear Rainforest.



 Further Resources

  • The Trophy Hunt - Watch videos and documentaries related to the B.C. bear trophy hunt.
  • Featured Videos - Watch Pacific Wild's latest videos from the field highlighting spirit bears and black bears.
  • National Geographic Magazine - In August, 2011, the National Geographic showcased the Great Bear Rainforest. The wildlife, ecosystems and communities who live there are visualized in stunning photography.
  • Living with Spirit Bears - Ian McAllister gives an eyewitness account of living in the Great Bear Rainforest, illustrated with beautiful images.

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