The Trophy Hunt

All videos on this page are directly linked to the topic of Trophy Bear Hunting. Some images might not be suitable for younger viewers.

  Stop the Trophy Hunt                                                                                                      1:32

  Imagine the Great Bear Rainforest without bears.

  Global T.V. Report about the Trophy Hunt February 17, 2010                       2:47

  Global T.V. interviews Doug Neasloss, a spirit bear guide, at the B.C. Olympic Pavillion about the  
  B.C. Bear Trophy Hunt.

Select Image to view  Death of a Great Bear - Part 1_____________________                            6:33

  Death of a Great Bear - Part 2                                                                                       7:19

  Jane Goodall Comments on the B.C. Trophy Hunt                                              1:28

  Jane Goodall is appalled by the B.C. Trophy Hunt in an interview with Pacific Wild.

Select Image to view  Deepak Chophra Appalled by the B.C. Trophy Hunt                                          2:26

  Deepak Chophra speaks out against the tragedy of the trophy hunt in B.C.'s Great Bear   

Further Resouces

  • National Geographic Magazine - In August, 2011, the National Geographic showcased the Great Bear Rainforest. The wildlife, ecosystems and communities who live there are visualized in stunning photography.
  • Living with Spirit Bears - Ian McAllister gives an eyewitness account of living in the Great Bear Rainforest, illustrated with beautiful images.

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