North Vancouver men walk Enbridge pipeline route to highlight environmental concerns

By LARRY PYNN, Vancouver Sun July 26, 2010

Two North Vancouver men on a 1,150-km journey to raise awareness of the
environmental impacts of the proposed Enbridge pipeline say they're finding
support even in Canada's oil-and-gas heartland.

Independent filmmaker Frank Wolf and high school teacher Todd McGowan began
their journey July 10 with a side trip to Fort McMurray and the Alberta
oilsands, and on July 11 headed west from Fort Saskatchewan, where the
proposed Northern Gateway pipeline would be begin.

They are expected to reach the B.C. border around Wednesday, near Tumbler
Ridge, and reach journey's end at Kitimat - site of a proposed oil tanker
terminal - in September, closely tracing the pipeline route all the way.

"Anything that expands work in the oilsands, the more pipeline moving oil
out of the oilsands, the better for the local economy," Wolf said Monday of
the prevailing sentiment among Albertans in the oilpatch. "Pipelines
completely criss-cross the province, so a new one doesn't mean much to

But when he spoke with an oilsands welder and informed him that oil from the
Enbridge pipeline would be transported by tanker off the B.C. coast to China
- with all the potential risks of a disastrous spill - he began to
appreciate the issue.

"He was in his mid-20s and said he was against that, especially in light of
what people are seeing in the Gulf [of Mexico]," said Wolf who is filming
the trip for a documentary. "That has made people quite aware of what could
happen if there is a spill.

"And no one can guarantee there won't be a spill."

Wolf and McGowan started out travelling on cheap bicycles, but are now on
foot carrying backpacks, and hope to complete part of the trip on small

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