Northern Gateway Pipeline Not Worth the Risk

Kelly Izzard
August 5, 2011
The Vancouver Sun

July 26th marked the one-year anniversary of the Enbridge pipeline rupture into the Kalamazoo River. One year later, the cleanup continues, costing Enbridge and the American taxpayer more than a half a billion dollars. The affected portion of the river remains closed to the public.

Supporters of Enbridge's Northern Gateway project assert that pipeline related oils spills are highly improbable "events," but a cursory review of the record over the year since the Kalamazoo spill suggests otherwise.

Between September 2010 and July 2011 there have been seven significant spill events including: 10,000 barrels from the Enbridge 6A line near Romeoville, Ill.; 28,000 barrels from the Plains Midstream's Rainbow pipeline near Peace River, Alta.; 1,500 barrels from the Enbridge's Norman Wells pipeline near Wrigley, N.W.T.; and 1,000 barrels from Exxon Mobil's Silvertip pipeline into the Yellowstone River near Billings, Mont.

Many northern rivers run through the Northern Gateway proposal.

Tell Premier Christy Clark that Northern Gateway is not worth the risk.

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