Tell Christy Clark and her government what you think about these new trophy hunting proposals

UPDATE: The opportunity to formally comment on these proposals is now closed, but you can still make your voice heard. Please take a moment to:

      1. contact your elected officials regarding the bear and wolf proposals; and
      2. open an account on the AHTE website so that you are alerted when new proposals are available for comment. 

What's this all about?

Every two years the Fish and Wildlife Branch publishes a new Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis. We encourage you to review and respond to as many proposals as you can, but want to bring these two to your attention. Click the image for more information.

Speak out

You have the opportunity to provide feedback on outrageous proposals escalating the trophy hunt of B.C. grizzly bears and wolves. All comments must be submitted through the official website. We're not going to lie, it's a clunky processs. Depending on how you are with your phone/computer it takes 5-10 minutes to open an account, navigate to the right proposal, and drop in your comments, but below is all the information you need for it to go as quickly as possible. 

Don't have time right now? Make sure you sign-up to receive emails from us here so you can help next time. 

Click above for links to and assistance with setting up your account on the government website.

What animal do want to start with: wolves OR grizzly bears?


Click above for ways to make sure elected officials and bureaucrats receive your comments. 


Click above for a handful of images you can download and share on social media.