Ask the Government for More Time For Nahmint Valley Ancient Forest Public Consultations

Ask the government for the gift of more time for ancient forests! 

Across the inlet from the now infamous Caycuse and Ada’itsx /Fairy Creek is the Nahmint watershed, one of Vancouver island’s most productive  – but threatened – ancient forest ecosystems.  In late October the B.C. government opened their new Nahmint Landscape Unit Plan for public consultation with an original deadline of December 21.

On December 16, 2022, we received news that our initial request for extension was successful in achieving a minor extension until January 29, 2022. However,  this still does not allow adequate time to review the vast array of technical documents, or check maps against real terrain because during the fall and winter months the areas in question are blocked by locked gates and snow makes some roads impassable. We have been and are continuing to request an extension until March 31, 2023.  Once approved, the proposals for the Nahmint Special Management Zone 13 (SMZ 13) will essentially become law, allowing some of the very last of  Vancouver Island’s ancient forest to be logged.

Concerningly, the proposed ministerial order and the information it is relying upon puts timber supply ahead of biodiversity conservation, forest resilience, and climate change. It does not, by any stretch, seek or make attempts to comply with this administration’s additional findings in the Old Growth Strategic Review. The proposed plan for SMZ 13 is therefore counter to the new provincial mandate letters. 

Nahmint SMZ 13 has been subject to intense investigation in the past few years including by the Forest Practices Board which found significant concerns with the management of SMZ 13, and this new proposal has not adequately addressed these issues. Meanwhile, last week Premier Eby mandated Nathan Cullen, new minister of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship to prioritize “protect[ing] wildlife and species at risk, and work collaboratively with First Nations, other ministries, and the federal government to protect and enhance B.C.’s biodiversity through implementing recommendations of the Old Growth Strategic Review.” 

Consultation must therefore be extended and this ancient forests logging plan paused. 

Add your voice now, and ask the government for a meaningful gift this holiday season!