Reasons To Oppose The Wolf Cull Program

  • The wolf cull is a disastrous management experiment. There is no scientific evidence to support its methods or intended outcomes. A report on a 10-year cull program in Alberta that killed 733 wolves, cited by B.C. officials in support of the cull, actually showed that the cull had no effect on the survival of  adult female caribou or calves.
  • Without adequate habitat protection and restoration, mountain caribou populations are likely to keep declining. Very small populations of these specialized animals may no longer be viable and are susceptible to being wiped out by many things besides wolves, such as disease or forest fires.
  • Shooting wolves from helicopters is an inhumane method of euthanasia. Many of these wolves will be wounded and left to die in the snow. There is no public oversight of the killing operation. B.C. is one of only two Canadian provinces that has not adopted the Canadian Council on Animal Care standards that guide the welfare and humane treatment of wild and domestic animals.
  • The wolf cull is hypocritical: although there is much scientific evidence showing the beneficial effects of wolves on ecosystems, there are no recovery plans for wolves in regions of B.C. where they face local extirpation. In areas where they are beginning to make a comeback from historical eradication, they are still legally hunted and trapped.

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