Tell the Government You Support the Proposed Northern Shelf Bioregion MPA Network

Good news! The consultation period for the Northern Shelf Bioregion MPA network has been extended to November 25, 2022. During this engagement period the Marine Protected Area (MPA) network partners (17 First Nations, the B.C. government, and the federal government) are seeking feedback from the general public on their level of support for this initiative.

We strongly encourage you to use the form below to add your voice to stand up for B.C.’s ocean by supporting the MPA network and filling out this survey or sending a letter to the MPA Technical Team.

This MPA network is being established in one of the most amazing ocean regions on the planet – a place where ancient temperate rainforests meet a highly productive and rich marine environment. This network will be the first of its kind in Canadian waters and is a groundbreaking step that will protect an incredible array of ocean habitats and marine life, as well as support a huge number of coastal First Nations communities who rely on the coastal resources for their food, livelihoods, cultural, and spiritual well-being.