GBEAR Project

Pacific Wild is a proud participant in the Great Bear Education and Research (GBEAR) Project, a project under the Tides Canada Initiatives Society.  Formerly known as the Pacific Wild Initiative, GBEAR is focused on providing extensive education and research-oriented projects.  Examples of programs carried out by the GBEAR Project include the Great Bear Sea Hydrophone Network, Great Bear LIVE and the SEAS (Supporting Emerging Aboriginal Stewards) Community Initiative.

As a project of the Tides Canada Initiatives Society, GBEAR works to support the protection of endangered wildlife and rare ecosystems on the Pacific Coast through research and education-based endeavours.  As a registered Canadian operating charity, Tides Canada Initiatives Society receives donations and provides charitable tax receipts for gifts to GBEAR initiatives. 


Tides Canada also provides organizational support to GBEAR, allowing us to spend more time in the field. GBEAR has adopted Tides Canada’s HR and Accessibility Policies.  We are committed to the principles of dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity as described in the Accessibility Policy. We believe that helping to create a country, and an organization, where every person can fully participate benefits our people, our partners and our communities.