The Great Bear Rainforest is the world’s largest remaining intact temperate rainforest, a fabled region of towering trees and rare mammals that stretches up the rugged Pacific coast from the top of Vancouver Island to southern Alaska. At 6.4 million hectares, it represents a quarter of the remaining coastal temperate rainforest worldwide. Its iconic wildlife includes a host of large carnivores, including grizzly bears, black bears and the elusive white spirit bear, coastal wolves, cougars and wolverines. 

Today, only 30% of the Great Bear Rainforest's magnificent river valleys and islands are protected from industrial activity. The remaining 70% is managed by an experimental process called Ecosystem Based Management (EBM), which allows for road building, clearcut logging, mining, sport hunting and other destructive impacts to old growth and second growth forests. Without proper oversight and further protection, the integrity and unique biodiversity of the Great Bear Rainforest are still threatened. 

Pacific Wild works with a broad sector of interest groups to increase awareness of the Great Bear Rainforest’s iconic species and diverse ecosystems. We strive to ensure that wildlife management and land-use decisions maintain or enhance the unique ecological integrity of the region. Click on the individual projects below to find out more.