It’s Time to #BanBottomTrawling

Over the last few weeks we have introduced our new campaign, #InDeepTrouble. Bottom trawl fishing vessels in the Canadian Pacific are silently getting away with irreversible destruction of marine life. This practice, often equated to the ocean equivalent of clearcutting, results in loss of diversity, destruction of seafloor habitat, release of carbon dioxide, and the death of tens of thousands otherwise healthy fish that will never be consumed by humans.

While we believe that an eventual ban of bottom trawling is necessary, we also understand that it is not that simple. Bottom trawling involves millions of dollars, generations of families, government subsidies and endless bureaucracy. Working towards evidence-based solutions and fisheries management that supports ecosystem-based management is the key to supporting communities and government through enacting these changes.

In our campaign, we have highlighted key steps and solutions to supporting the Canadian groundfish fishery towards an eventual ban on bottom trawling, while suggesting possible changes in the industry to mitigate the impacts that trawling has in the meantime.

Moving Forward

We hope to encourage the newly elected government to implement effective environmental protection strategies and fisheries management practices that are environmentally and socially beneficial. Stay tuned for a call to action and possible in person events in the new year.