Pacific Wild together with over 150 other organizations in British Columbia have signed on to the United We Stand For Old-Growth Forests Declaration.

September 2022 marked the 2nd anniversary of the British Columbia government’s release of the  report of its Old-Growth Strategic Review (OGSR) panel, “A New Future for Old Forests”. The report  recommended immediate action to stop logging of the most at-risk old growth forests in BC. It  called for a major shift in BC forestry practices, namely to “declare conservation of ecosystem health  and biodiversity of British Columbia’s forests as an overarching priority and enact legislation that legally  establishes this priority for all sectors.” It called for the full involvement of First Nations communities,  the inherent rights and title holders of this land. It called for public reporting that is “vetted,  trustworthy, accurate and shared,” and included a three-year framework. We must continue to push the government to act on these commitments. 

Today, and every day, we, the undersigned, stand together in an unprecedented show of unity  amongst working people, Indigenous land stewards and knowledge-keepers, activists, scientists,  youth, educators, communities, celebrities, environmental and social justice groups, faith  organizations and more. Standing united against the destruction of old growth forests. Standing  strong for future generations. 

The coalition is bringing a broad-based mass mobilization to the BC Legislature on February 25th,  2023 that reflects the majority of public will in BC for progressive solutions to the crisis in the woods.

Click the link below to read the full letter.

If you or anyone you know is interested in signing onto the “United We Stand For Old Growth Forests” click below: 

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