An intern perspective

Sep 9, 2016
Pacific Wild

Pacific Wild was pleased to welcome Kiara Lawson and Jordan Wilson as our SEAS (Supporting Emerging Aboriginal Stewards) Great Bear LIVE interns this summer. Jordan is now continuing on with Pacific Wild as a Great Bear LIVE technician. The following are a few words of advice to future SEAS applicants from Jordan:

I had a great experience with Pacific Wild as a summer intern for Great Bear LIVE! I spent a little over eight weeks with this scurvy crew, and I could think of very few ways I would have rather spent my summer. Right off the bat I can tell you there were tedious parts of the job at times, but you will be well rewarded when you see a 30,000 pound whale jump clear out of the water right in front of you (or on the live cameras). You get to see some pretty awesome stuff on the job, and you'll end up with some pretty great pictures, videos, and memories.

I enjoyed the varied experiences that the internship offered, and the ability to tailor the work to my interests.  For example: I love photography and video editing, so I was usually the guy behind the camera taking pictures of the whales/seals/sea lions and all the other cool stuff you get to see on the job. When we were in the field station, I would monitor the live feeds and sort through all the stuff we didn't get to watch live. I'm also good with computers so when things like the radio frequencies or video feeds would go down, I would tinker around and get them up and running again. If social media is your thing we have things you can do with that too, like when exciting things are happening on the cameras or hydrophones, we send out alerts to our viewers so they can tune in to watch or listen. If you take some good shots on the job we might just post them online! 

Here’s a list of some of the things you might be doing:

  • Monitoring live camera/hydrophone feeds
  • Maintenance runs to service cameras/hydrophones
  • Cetacean ID photography
  • Media alerts (email/Twitter/Facebook/etc.)
  • Editing/watermarking/sorting photos & videos
  • Monitoring voltages
  • Fixing radio frequency connections
  • Reviewing hydrophone audio & live camera footage

 And here are some of the awesome things you might be hearing and seeing: 

If you are lucky enough to be hired as a Great Bear LIVE summer intern, I welcome you aboard (literally, you take a boat to work), and I hope you enjoy your summer as much as I did mine!


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