Earth Day 2017: Learn about the foundation species of the Great Bear Rainforest

Apr 22, 2017
Lindsay Marie S...

Education is the foundation for environmental conservation and is the theme of Earth Day 2017’s campaign. Why have we chosen to focus on the foundational species of the Great Bear Rainforest? It’s simple, there is perhaps no other species that play such a critical role in the health and survival of so many other species. Like the foundation of your house, herring is a foundation species on which the entire Great Bear Rainforest is built. Right now, the sounds of chatting, chirping, and low rattling and rasping fill the air of the #greatbearrainforest, as herring eggs are devoured by shorebirds such as black turnstones, spotted sandpipers, dowitchers, surfbirds. Then the next major event unfolds as surf scoters come inshore to dive for the eggs - a flash of black feathers, orange feet, and bills. A pack of wolves appear from the rainforest edge. They move to the shoreline and with heads down quickly begin to gorge on the herring eggs. Their intensity is born from a long winter in which food is harder to come by. Black bears emerge from their winter dens and migrate to the herring grounds to feast on eggs. The shoreline has completely transformed.

Click here to see how you can help protect what we know and love. Use today’s #EarthDay to learn about something new, to share a new world with others, and to donate to our efforts as we help protect this globally significant wildlife spectacle.


On Earth Day 2017, we also celebrate and recognize Sitka for officially raising $10,000 in support of Pacific Wild's hydrophone network in the Great Bear Sea. As a 1% for the Planet company, 1% of every purchase made at Sitka goes to conservation efforts - if you're a SSC member, 1% turns into 2%.

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