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Parts of a hydrophone installation

BlogFeb 14, 2012Guest Blogger

By John Guillotte Our remote hydrophone field sites are comprised of lots of little devices and wires, each performing a crucial function to make the whole system work. These bits and pieces fall under one of three major components. The Hydrophone A ... Read More

Hydrophone installation, by John

BlogFeb 12, 2012Guest Blogger

By John Guillotte Richard and I had spent the last two days suffering through frigid temperatures, pouring rain, and a fierce wind, which kept the safety of our nearby skiff- our lifeline to safety- in the front of our minds. We were making the ... Read More

Enbridge Northern Gateway Project Joint Review Panel

BlogJan 10, 2012Guest Blogger

By Becca Chandler The joint review panel hearings start today in Kitimaat! The National Energy Board is holding hearings along the route of the pipeline, starting in Kitimaat, the proposed tanker terminal.The panel will come to Bella Bella February ... Read More

Tipping Barrels

BlogDec 8, 2011Guest Blogger

By Becca Chandler Congratulations to Ben Gulliver and Sitka for producing this amazing film , showcasing the stunning Great Bear Rainforest and the threat of the Enbridge pipeline.Read More

Shearwater School Project

BlogNov 1, 2011Guest Blogger

By Becca Chandler Last Tuesday John and I got to spend the afternoon with the eager students of the local Shearwater Elementary school. Thanks to a Green grant from the World Wildlife Fund, PacificWILD has teamed up with Shearwater Elementary on a ... Read More

A volunteer's perspective

BlogOct 5, 2011Guest Blogger

By Jeff Coming up to Denny Island to volunteer for Pacific Wild for two weeks at the end of September has been a wonderful experience. Part of my work was to monitor the cameras for activity. I was sitting at the computer monitor early one morning ... Read More


BlogOct 5, 2011Guest Blogger

By Becca Chandler Video of Y-iHV7Sq_Ho Check out what the wolves have been up to! This video was taken with one of our remote pan-tilt-zoom cameras.Read More

Pacific Wild Remote Sensing Project

BlogSep 29, 2011Diana Chan

A note from Diana . Since early September, when the first pinks and chums entered this natal stream, we have been captivated by the unfolding cycle of salmon dying and giving life to so many others. This season we have added an underwater camera to ... Read More

Halcyon, our 40’ Valiant sailboat

A note from Becca, one of PacificWILD's new team members

BlogAug 30, 2011Guest Blogger

By Becca Chandler It took us 2 ½ years to buy a boat, 8 months to attain Canadian work visas, 10 days to sail up the coast from Seattle to Bella Bella and 6 minutes to fall in love with our new home. My fiancé, John, and I live on Halcyon, our 40’ ... Read More

SEAS Community Initiative Summer Internship

BlogAug 1, 2011Diana Chan

Watch this video by The Nature Conservancy of the participants in the 2011 Internship camp at Koeye and The Goose Island Group, B.C. These high school students from Bella Bella were truly inspired to have experienced a summer in the natural habitat ... Read More