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ACTION ALERT: Look out - Enbridge is trying to rise from the dead

BlogJun 1, 2016Michaela Montaner

Federal approval of Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipelines and tankers proposal expires in December. Last week, Enbridge asked the National Energy Board (NEB) for a three year extension to try to generate more support for the project (ha!). The NEB ... Read More

UNFILTERED: Hunting vs. the grizzly bear trophy hunt

BlogMay 27, 2016Pacific Wild

It’s been three years since Clayton Stoner killed Cheeky the grizzly for “trophy” in the Kwatna estuary, an area of British Columbia coast Coastal First Nations have declared off-limits to trophy hunting . In January 2016, Stoner was found guilty of ... Read More

UNFILTERED: Protect biodiversity. It may be science, but it’s not quite rocket science.

BlogMay 20, 2016Michaela Montaner

Every month there is some special day to remind the world what is at stake. Last month, it was Earth Day , this month it’s International Day for Biodiversity, and next month it will be World Oceans Day. I haven’t polled the team yet as to which they ... Read More

BEHIND THE SCENES: Meet the GBR’s biodiversity mascots

BlogMay 19, 2016Michaela Montaner

Since inception, Pacific Wild has been pushing to protect the biodiversity the Great Bear Rainforest (GBR) represents. Lucky for us, we have some amazing mascots. Here are some of poster children of the GBR, with a look at the ecosystems and ... Read More

UPDATE: Legal case exposes B.C. government’s wilful negligence of duty to protect wildlife, ecosystems

BlogMay 16, 2016Pacific Wild

In January 2015, the B.C. government launched an experimental, multi-year wolf kill program in the South Peace and South Selkirk regions. At the time, Minister of Forest, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Steve Thompson stated that the wolf cull ... Read More

Welcome to the new face of Great Bear LIVE

BlogMay 7, 2016Diana Chan

If you were watching the Great Bear LIVE feeds during this year’s herring spawn, or if you’ve recently tuned back into the Seal Garden after its break over the winter, you may have noticed some fairly major changes have been introduced with fairly ... Read More

The top 5 views from the 2016 herring season

BlogMay 5, 2016Diana Chan

It’s hard to believe that another herring spawn has already come and gone. With this year’s improvements in joint management , we were able to shift our focus from a controversial fishery and resulting protests last year to documenting the ... Read More

UPDATE: Wolf kill numbers nearly double in 2016

BlogMay 3, 2016Michaela Montaner

Year two of five of the B.C. government’s tax-payer-funded wolf kill project is now complete, with the government announcing today their aerial snipers virtually doubled the body count. In the South Selkirks and South Peace, nine and 154 wolves ( ... Read More

ACTION: 5 things you can do to protect the Great Bear Rainforest this Earth Day

BlogApr 22, 2016Pacific Wild

1. Join our team Did you know we are hiring? In addition to a handful of volunteer graphic designers, deckhands, researchers, and others , we’re looking for two talented filmmakers and ardent conservationists to join our teams in the field and at ... Read More

VOLUNTEER: Some thoughts on hiring volunteers

BlogApr 16, 2016Michaela Montaner

We're proud to say that 100% of Pacific Wild staff, past and present, had a history of volunteering - either at PW or elsewhere - before joining our team as staff. (Speaking of - we're hiring! ) While we’ve only hired a fraction of the hundreds of ... Read More