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BEHIND THE SCENES: What to expect this summer on Great Bear LIVE…

BlogAug 3, 2015Guest Blogger

Great Bear LIVE is a collaboration between Pacific Wild Alliance and the Great Bear Education and Research Project (GBEAR). To learn more about GBEAR, please visit the . Waves are lapping the rocks, home to a colony of (very ... Read More

BEHIND THE SCENES: The Making of a Website

BlogAug 3, 2015Loren Clark-Moe

Last December, I was asked to lead the effort to launch Pacific Wild's new website. I will be honest: I didn't think it would be very hard. I set my goal for the end of March. Clearly I didn’t appreciate what I had signed on to. This project kept me ... Read More

Arne Loth, Pacific Wild intern, aboard S.V. Habitat in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Great Bear LIVE – advancing conservation research and education

BlogJul 25, 2015Guest Blogger

Breaking through a cover of mist and clouds, the small plane starts its descent into Bella Bella, revealing for the first time a sight almost too beautiful for words. Seemingly endless stretches of unspoiled forest extend along the waters of the ... Read More

EVENT RECAP: A celebration of herring

BlogJun 30, 2015Colette Heneghan

The herring spawn is one of the greatest natural history events on planet Earth. It is so revered by the Heiltsuk First Nation of Bella Bella, B.C. that the new year is marked by the miracle of the herring spawn in ancient and contemporary ... Read More

On Bear Hunting at Eucott Hot Spring

BlogJun 12, 2015Krista Roessingh

My family and I recently sailed up to Eucott Bay , a popular hot spring halfway between Bella Coola and Bella Bella B.C., near to where we live. Shortly after we arrived, a party of camouflaged people set out from their anchored boat for the shore ... Read More

Save B.C. Wolves

BlogJan 15, 2015Ian McAllister

BC Government Commits to Killing 180 Wolves – Declining caribou population blamed – Pacific Wild is condemning today’s announcement by the B.C. government to slaughter over 180 wolves by aerial shooting. “After decades of destroying critical caribou ... Read More

11 days of killing

BlogJan 15, 2015Ian McAllister

Since the surprise announcement that the Canadian province of British Columbia was beginning an immediate aerial kill program that would leave over 180 wild wolves dead by hunters in helicopters, the international condemnation has been significant. ... Read More

Another Day in the Life of Conservation Work- Part I

BlogSep 19, 2014Guest Blogger

Maureen Vo is a volunteer for the Great Bear LIVE project. Sounds of the Ocean You can research everything there is to know about the area and Google the breathtaking images, but nothing can truly prepare you for the incredible connection and ... Read More

Mountain Maintenance

BlogJul 21, 2014April Bencze

The boat engine roars to life as Diana and I untie from the dock this misty morning. Clay the dog is curled up in the only wind-free spot on the boat as we make the short passage to Bella Bella from Denny Island. Leandrea, a Pacific Wild intern, ... Read More

Spring in the Rainforest

BlogJul 7, 2014April Bencze

It is difficult to understand a place you have never been before. Pacific Wild introduced me to the ecosystems thriving in the Great Bear Rainforest on British Columbia’s wild coast long before I came here. They have unveiled the behaviours and ... Read More