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BEHIND THE SCENES: Sea wolves and Pacific Wild in National Geographic

BlogOct 1, 2015Pacific Wild

Our work to achieve levels of protection worthy of the enigmatic and globally rare sea wolves that call the Great Bear Rainforest home reached the pages of National Geographic magazine this October, even gracing the cover of some of the magazine's ... Read More

DISPATCH: Predator vs. prey: An offshore encounter

BlogSep 2, 2015April Bencze

A large female shark materializes out of the blue, heading straight for me. I am suspended in the water column 20 feet from the surface, with 6000 feet of water below me. The water is blue. Electric blue. The only thing rivalling it is the brilliant ... Read More

DISPATCH: Whales in the wild and on the web

BlogAug 30, 2015Diana Chan

‘Tons of orcas in Seaforth.’ This is a welcome text on any day, but especially near the opening of a field season dedicated to tracking a marine mammal that so far has remained elusive. After a week of using two remote cameras to survey cetaceans ... Read More

DISPATCH: Gateway to the Great Bear Sea

BlogAug 28, 2015Ian McAllister

British Columbia’s offshore world is as real as the mountains we climb and the rivers we swim in, but not nearly as familiar. A team of Pacific Wild documentarians and conservationists set out on an expedition to help generate a more complete ... Read More

YOU ASKED: What happens to an entangled humpback? What can I do about it?

BlogAug 25, 2015Guest Blogger

While the threat of entanglement is far from new, it has been a particularly bad summer, with six documented entanglements in the last month alone. Continuing at this rate, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) estimates 2015 will set a new record for ... Read More

DISPATCH: A sober take on whales in the Great Bear Sea

BlogAug 21, 2015Diana Chan

On Sunday, August 9, I received a call from Phil Charles, lead guide at Spirit Bear Lodge and SEAS Program Summer Coordinator for Klemtu. He told me the Kitasoo/Xai’Xais Guardians had found a dead humpback whale floating in the channel just outside ... Read More

DISPATCH: Whale Haven

BlogAug 12, 2015Ian McAllister

This compilation of stunning aerial footage documents unique behaviours of some of the fin, humpback, and killer whales that call the Great Bear Sea home. For more on our related research and education activities, read on. (Best viewed in fullscreen ... Read More

UPDATE: Financially-challenged Yellow Giant Gold mine unlikely to ever open again

BlogAug 11, 2015Pacific Wild

Public outcry, fuelled by a pending law suit, dedicated journalism and NGO coordination across the country, aligned to bring a local mining company to its knees this week after it spilled toxic waste into a highly productive wild salmon system on ... Read More

BEHIND THE SCENES: What to expect this summer on Great Bear LIVE…

BlogAug 3, 2015Guest Blogger

Great Bear LIVE is a collaboration between Pacific Wild Alliance and the Great Bear Education and Research Project (GBEAR). To learn more about GBEAR, please visit the . Waves are lapping the rocks, home to a colony of (very ... Read More

BEHIND THE SCENES: The Making of a Website

BlogAug 3, 2015Loren Clark-Moe

Last December, I was asked to lead the effort to launch Pacific Wild's new website. I will be honest: I didn't think it would be very hard. I set my goal for the end of March. Clearly I didn’t appreciate what I had signed on to. This project kept me ... Read More