Great Bear Blog

Lament for Herring

BlogApr 1, 2014Ian McAllister

The first herring spawn began today in the Great Bear Rainforest. A keystone ritual that has provided a foundation of life, so revered over the last ten thousand years that the Heiltsuk new year is marked by the miracle of the herring spawn. Like a ... Read More

Road To Pacific Wild

BlogMar 11, 2014Guest Blogger

Our volunteer copywriter Danielle explains how a Lake Louise wildlife centre and a search on Google led her to the Great Bear Rainforest. Three months ago, I’d never even heard of the Great Bear Rainforest. Now, here I am, living in the thick of it ... Read More

Trophy Hunting – Having Your Say

BlogFeb 27, 2014Colette Heneghan

Despite the pouring rain and high winds, more than 200 people turned up in person for the “Save B.C. Bears” rally on February 15, 2014 at the Legislature Buildings in Victoria, British Columbia. Supporters of all ages, carrying signs and placards, ... Read More

Pipeline to Paradise? Not Even Close.

BlogDec 21, 2013Ian McAllister

If Canada has not yet been formally inducted into the elite roster of global petro-states, where a country’s democratic rights and economy are run by oil interests, then Thursday’s National Energy Board decision assures it honorary membership The ... Read More

Great Bear Sea Winter Dive Expedition: Part III

BlogNov 26, 2013Ian McAllister

It’s not normally recommended to expose yourself so entirely; out here storms from the southeast can churn up the seas before you can say ‘purple ringed top snail’. Bobbing over the remnant swells from the last blow, we look back at the mainland ... Read More

Great Bear Sea Winter Dive Expedition: Part II

BlogNov 22, 2013Ian McAllister

A twice daily flushing and filling of lagoons creates the dynamic environment that supports diversity, strengthening the fabric of the natural world here and the main ingredient that Ian and Tavish are searching for – strong tidal current! We ... Read More

Great Bear Sea Winter Dive Expedition: Part I

BlogNov 16, 2013Ian McAllister

A quick remedy of tape around the neck cuff of Ian’s loaned oversized drysuit made the seal watertight against the numbing North Pacific. Equipped with lead weights, air tank, and gauges dragging along the bottom of our dinghy, I eagerly tied the ... Read More

From D.C. to B.C. Part V: Launch of the Indiegogo Campaign!

BlogNov 8, 2013Loren Clark-Moe

This is the post that I have been oh so excited to write from the moment I got here and I cannot believe that I get to be part of this effort! In my very first post I mentioned a video that we were working on. I also promised that there would be ... Read More

From D.C. to B.C. Part IV

BlogNov 3, 2013Loren Clark-Moe

There is an epic struggle between the playful wolf pups’ love of chewing and Pacific Wild’s desire to have a functioning camera in the estuary where they fish. In my last post I wrote about how Rob and I went out to repair the camera feed and the ... Read More

Brig.-Gen. M.G. Zalinski – Cleaning up Oil or Image

BlogNov 1, 2013Ian McAllister

Zalinski – Cleaning up Oil or Image Last winter I found myself descending slowly down a black wall, my dive partner Tavish Campbell, somewhere off to my left is only recognized by the narrow beam of his dive light. The depth gauge registered 100 ... Read More