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HERRING: A Great Bear Rainforest herring primer

BlogApr 5, 2016Pacific Wild

Just over a year ago, the Heiltsuk Nation issued a tribal ban prohibiting an industrial sac roe herring fishery as they felt stocks had not recovered sufficiently after collapsing years earlier. Commercial gillnet licenses held by the Heiltsuk were ... Read More

Why we oppose the Pacific Northwest LNG proposal

BlogMar 7, 2016Ian McAllister

Here's my letter to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency describing why Pacific Wild doesn't support the Petronas/Pacific NorthWest LNG Proposal. Click here to send your own letter - you have the option of customizing mine or starting from ... Read More

UNFILTERED: The Great Bear Rainforest Agreement

BlogFeb 3, 2016Ian McAllister

I have been asked for my opinion of the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement (GBRA) several times over the last 48 hours. As I’m sure many people reflecting on this agreement in public and private can relate, synthesizing your thoughts for a media sound ... Read More

2015 RETROSPECTIVE: Great Bear LIVE is thriving

BlogDec 1, 2015Pacific Wild

This year we streamed live video from five different locations in the Great Bear Rainforest on our website for people around the world to watch. In addition to our perennial favourites, wolf pups fishing for salmon and curious seals investigating ... Read More

As we write this, members of the Lax Kw'alaams are re-occupying the proposed site, and attempting to stop test drilling that is occurring even before the project has approval.

YOU ASKED: Is the tanker fight over?

BlogNov 20, 2015Pacific Wild

With newly elected Prime Minister Trudeau calling for a moratorium on crude oil tanker traffic through the Great Bear Rainforest, it’s true, the Northern Gateway pipeline IS a step away from entering our history books, but it is not without ... Read More

DISPATCH: Whales in the wild and on the web

BlogAug 30, 2015Diana Chan

‘Tons of orcas in Seaforth.’ This is a welcome text on any day, but especially near the opening of a field season dedicated to tracking a marine mammal that so far has remained elusive. After a week of using two remote cameras to survey cetaceans ... Read More

DISPATCH: Whale Haven

BlogAug 12, 2015Ian McAllister

This compilation of stunning aerial footage documents unique behaviours of some of the fin, humpback, and killer whales that call the Great Bear Sea home. For more on our related research and education activities, read on. (Best viewed in fullscreen ... Read More

BEHIND THE SCENES: What to expect this summer on Great Bear LIVE…

BlogAug 3, 2015Guest Blogger

Great Bear LIVE is a collaboration between Pacific Wild Alliance and the Great Bear Education and Research Project (GBEAR). To learn more about GBEAR, please visit the . Waves are lapping the rocks, home to a colony of (very ... Read More

Arne Loth, Pacific Wild intern, aboard S.V. Habitat in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Great Bear LIVE – advancing conservation research and education

BlogJul 25, 2015Guest Blogger

Breaking through a cover of mist and clouds, the small plane starts its descent into Bella Bella, revealing for the first time a sight almost too beautiful for words. Seemingly endless stretches of unspoiled forest extend along the waters of the ... Read More

Another Day in the Life of Conservation Work- Part I

BlogSep 19, 2014Guest Blogger

Maureen Vo is a volunteer for the Great Bear LIVE project. Sounds of the Ocean You can research everything there is to know about the area and Google the breathtaking images, but nothing can truly prepare you for the incredible connection and ... Read More