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Rematriating Cheeky's remains

Related NewsSep 1, 2016

On Wednesday afternoon, with the afternoon sun heavy on our shoulders, we laid a dear relative - Cheeky, a grizzly bear - to rest. Many of you will remember the story of Cheeky, killed in the remote estuary of Kwatna in 2013 by trophy hunter and NHL ... Read More

NEB raises caribou concerns in Spectra High Pine project

Related NewsAug 24, 2016

Citing the importance of maintaining, and where necessary restoring critical caribou habitat, the National Energy Board has required Westcoast Energy Inc. to file a Caribou Habitat Restoration Plan (CHRP) as a condition of approval for its High Pine expansion project.Read More

Sorry, we're closed: activists call off Grizzly hunt in Great Bear Rainforest

Related NewsAug 21, 2016

Trophy hunting is closed in the Great Bear Rainforest, according First Nations activists campaigning against the annual grizzly bear hunt in the region. Signs posted across the province — including the south terminal at YVR — are taking shots at the ... Read More

National Energy Board suspends review of Northern Gateway sunset clause extension request

Related NewsJul 8, 2016

The National Energy Board (NEB) is suspending its review of a request from Northern Gateway Pipelines and the Aboriginal Equity Partners to extend the sunset clauses for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project. The NEB will also suspend its review of ... Read More

British Columbia source of ‘vast majority’ of bear trophies

Related NewsJul 6, 2016

More than 300 shipments of grizzly bear products – including skins, skulls and rugs – have moved from Canada to the United States through U.S. ports over the past three years. Those transactions are among nearly 17,000 imports of North American bear ... Read More

Northern Gateway pipeline approval overturned

Related NewsJun 30, 2016

The Federal Court of Appeal has overturned approval of Enbridge's controversial Northern Gateway project after finding Ottawa failed to properly consult the First Nations affected by the pipeline. "We find that Canada offered only a brief, hurried and inadequate opportunity … to exchange and discuss information and to dialogue," the ruling says. "It would have taken Canada little time and little organizational effort to engage in meaningful dialogue on these and other subjects of prime importance to Aboriginal Peoples. But this did not happen."Read More

A drone photo shows Banks Island Gold’s Yellow Giant mine site, with Banks Creek in the background on July 26, 2015. Image: Ian McAllister/PacificWild

Main creditor for Banks Island Gold contemplates reopening Yellow Giant mine

Related NewsJun 28, 2016

The main creditor of bankrupt Banks Island Gold is contemplating reopening the remote Yellow Giant mine, which was shut down last year by the province over environmental and permit violations, according to the B.C. ministry of mines. The ministry ... Read More

Two coastal grizzly bears

Martyn Brown: The grisly business of trophy hunting in Super, Natural British Columbia

Related NewsJun 24, 2016

"Harvest." Such a beautiful, bucolic word. Imagery abounds. Golden fields of swaying wheat. Lush green vineyards of plump, perfect grapes. Acres of apples, all red and delicious. Harvest: so suggestive of humans in harmony with the Earth. So ... Read More

Justin Trudeau won't be pinned down on B.C. oil tanker ban timing

Related NewsJun 21, 2016

“We’re working every day on getting both the environment and the economy protected right across the country,” Trudeau said in a recent interview when asked when he will fulfill that high-profile pledge. “We’ll continue to work on that file.” There ... Read More

Government launches review of environmental and regulatory processes to restore public trust

Related NewsJun 20, 2016

June 20, 2016, Ottawa – The belief that a clean environment and a strong economy can go hand in hand is central to the health and well-being of Canadians as we work to get resources to market and develop infrastructure projects responsibly in the ... Read More