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Wolf hunting in Peace Region could have no limits, province proposes

Related NewsDec 11, 2015

B.C.'s Ministry of Forestry, Lands and Natural Resource Operations wants to remove limits how many wolves hunters can kill in the Peace Region and when. The changes were proposed on Nov. 30 on a ministry website that accepts public feedback on ... Read More

Great Bear - Ian McAllister/Pacific Wild

Trudeau to re-open Vancouver coast guard base, ban north coast oil tankers

Related NewsNov 13, 2015

Conservationists are heralding the federal government’s decision to ban crude oil tanker traffic along British Columbia’s north coast as the death knell for the proposed Enbridge oil pipeline. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered instructions ... Read More

Image: Ian McAllister/PacificWild

Low salmon run spurs B.C. First Nations to call for Fisheries meeting

Related NewsNov 12, 2015

The collapse of major salmon runs in B.C. this fall and the controversial expansion of fish farming on the West Coast have prompted First Nations to request “an urgent meeting” with newly appointed federal Fisheries Minister Hunter Tootoo. Chief Bob ... Read More

Image: Ian McAllister/Pacific Wild

Stephen Hume: Trophy hunting justifications just don’t add up

Related NewsOct 15, 2015

A deluge of mail followed last week’s column about provincially sanctioned trophy hunting of grizzly bears by a few people with enough money to kill the big carnivores just for the fun of it. Because that’s all trophy hunting grizzlies represents. ... Read More

NHL player, Clayton Stoner, has been charged after killing a grizzly bear in B.C. in 2013.

‘He’s a role model for kids’: Protesters speak out after NHL player kills grizzly bear

Related NewsOct 9, 2015

WATCH: Animal rights activists turn up at a Vancouver court hearing for NHL player Clayton Stoner, as he's accused of illegally killing a grizzly bear. As Linda Aylesworth reports, the group wants new rules in place against trophy hunting. About 12 ... Read More

Rainforest Grizzly - Ian McAllister/Pacific Wild

Opposition to trophy hunting overwhelming, poll finds amid grizzly debate

Related NewsOct 2, 2015

Ninety-one per cent of British Columbians oppose trophy hunting, according to a new poll conducted by Insights West, and disdain for the practice runs equally high in rural areas of the province as it does in urban centres. The pollster found ... Read More

Clark defends grizzly bear hunt, says B.C.'s wildlife policies based on science

Related NewsSep 30, 2015

After recently fending off criticism of British Columbia’s controversial wolf cull, Premier Christy Clark is now defending the fall grizzly bear hunt, too. “We aren’t contemplating any changes at the moment to the way we approach that,” Ms. Clark ... Read More

Image: Ian McAllister/Pacific Wild

Grizzly hunters see the writing on the wall

Related NewsSep 25, 2015

Scott Ellis does not have a problem if a person wants to pay thousands of dollars for the opportunity to shoot a B.C. grizzly bear, chop off its head for mounting and leave its rotting corpse for animals to scavenge. “Does the bear care?” says Mr. ... Read More

NHL player Clayton Stoner, from Port McNeil BC, killed a grizzly bear, cut off his head, and posed for a photo. Image: AP

Ducks' Clayton Stoner Charged For Killing And Beheading Cheeky The Bear

Related NewsSep 17, 2015

NHL player Clayton Stoner, then with the Minnesota Wild, traveled to British Columbia in May of 2013, killed a grizzly bear, cut off his head, and posed for a photo. That September, we declared him an enemy of Deadspin . Today, Stoner’s facing five ... Read More

I challenge B.C.’s premier to watch this grizzly bear video

Related NewsSep 12, 2015

Gary Mason | There are images that hit the Internet that break our hearts. And there are those that make us furious. A new video making the rounds on social media is managing to do both – and the B.C. government should be alive to the backlash it is ... Read More