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SEAS Internship - Week 3

BlogJul 23, 2012Guest Blogger

Here are a few notes and a photo slideshow from this past week. Jenna Well my week went something like this: it was busy, fun and awesome. Day 2 was busy. We went to set some g-traps up river two times in two places. We actually caught a lot of fish ... Read More

SEAS Internship - Week 2

BlogJul 14, 2012Guest Blogger

For the second week of the program, the interns performed more stream assessments (including trapping for juvenile salmon) and crab surveys in Koeye. They also collected data for a Dolly Varden stomach content analysis study and traveled to Namu to ... Read More

SEAS Internship 2012

BlogJul 7, 2012Diana Chan

We’ve just completed the first week of the 2012 SEAS (Supporting Emerging Aboriginal Stewards) Community Initiative Conservation Internship program. Qqs Projects Society and Pacific Wild are collaborating to host an 8-week long program to give six ... Read More

SEAS Internship – Week One Reflections

BlogJul 7, 2012Guest Blogger

Jenna Starr My name is Jenna Starr. This was the first week of work at Koeye. It was an amazing week of work and teamwork out in the wildlife. My favorite things we did were the crab surveys, but not getting pinched by them. It was a great ... Read More

Great Bear Youth Paddle

BlogJun 28, 2012Guest Blogger

The following posts have been compiled by youth from the lower mainland and Hartley Bay who joined forces to voyage by canoe form Hartley Bay to Kiel and back. Read of their adventure below ***** In Hartley Bay We traveled for two long days with “ ... Read More

New study on Economic Impacts of an oil spill on the B.C. coast

A major tanker spill off the coast of northern British Columbia could wipe out any potential economic gains from the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline project, according to new research from the University of British Columbia. UBC researchers ... Read More

A Park for Killing

BlogMay 24, 2012Ian McAllister

This past long weekend I traveled by speedboat up Burke Inlet to the Kwatna River–The Kwatna watershed is a powerhouse in the world of grizzly bear strongholds with its vast sedge -filled estuary and Sitka spruce floodplain forest surrounded by snow ... Read More

Bella Bella Hunger Strike Multimedia Slideshow

BlogApr 25, 2012Guest Blogger

The makers of Stand Film have released this great short video on the Bella Bella youth hunger strike during the JRP hearings:Read More

Herring Spawn Field Trips

BlogApr 15, 2012Max Bakken

A post by Max Bakken In late March and early April, millions of herring travel inshore from the Pacific to spawn. Herring roe is highly sought after by coastal First Nations. It is an important part of their cuisine and culture, and brings a frenzy ... Read More

Bella Bella JRP Hearings, Day 3

BlogApr 6, 2012Guest Blogger

By Becca Chandler The Joint Review Panel Hearings in Bella Bella ended yesterday with as much tension as they began. While the speakers once again spoke with passion and sincerity of their home, their livelihood, and their fears, the panel responded ... Read More