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Two coastal grizzly bears

Martyn Brown: The grisly business of trophy hunting in Super, Natural British Columbia

Related NewsJun 24, 2016

"Harvest." Such a beautiful, bucolic word. Imagery abounds. Golden fields of swaying wheat. Lush green vineyards of plump, perfect grapes. Acres of apples, all red and delicious. Harvest: so suggestive of humans in harmony with the Earth. So ... Read More

ACTION ALERT: My submission to the NEB

BlogJun 23, 2016Diana Chan

As we mentioned earlier this month, Enbridge's permits for the Northern Gateway pipeline and tankers project are expiring at the end of the year, and they are asking the National Energy Board (NEB) for a three year extension . We need to do ... Read More

Justin Trudeau won't be pinned down on B.C. oil tanker ban timing

Related NewsJun 21, 2016

“We’re working every day on getting both the environment and the economy protected right across the country,” Trudeau said in a recent interview when asked when he will fulfill that high-profile pledge. “We’ll continue to work on that file.” There ... Read More

Government launches review of environmental and regulatory processes to restore public trust

Related NewsJun 20, 2016

June 20, 2016, Ottawa – The belief that a clean environment and a strong economy can go hand in hand is central to the health and well-being of Canadians as we work to get resources to market and develop infrastructure projects responsibly in the ... Read More

UPDATE: Your letters made the difference between life and death for grizzlies in the Peace Region

BlogJun 14, 2016Michaela Montaner

This winter, thousands of us worked together to tell the B.C. government not to triple the grizzly bear trophy hunt or to dramatically increase the wolf trophy hunt. We mobilized against 6 proposals. Today we're thrilled to tell you that we have ... Read More

Image: Ian McAllister/Pacific Wild

Warm-water sharks, dolphins found in part of Pacific dubbed 'tropical B.C.'

In The NewsJun 13, 2016

A change both remarkable and concerning is taking place in the waters off the province’s coast – in an area some are calling “tropical B.C.” A group of scientists and divers are sharing incredible footage and photos that show warm-water sharks, ... Read More

Image: Ian McAllister/Pacific Wild

Trophy hunting of grizzly bears to continue in British Columbia

In The NewsJun 13, 2016

British Columbia is cracking down on the use of sheep and goats as pack animals for big game hunters in its latest set of hunting and trapping regulations. But the contentious trophy hunting of grizzly bears will continue unchanged. The provincial ... Read More

Image: Ian McAllister/PacificWild

B.C. auditor general to look into grizzly hunt

Related NewsJun 2, 2016

B.C.'s auditor general will look into the province's controversial grizzly bear hunt to see if the government is managing the animals properly. The David Suzuki Foundation and the University of Victoria Environmental Law Centre asked for an ... Read More

ACTION ALERT: Look out - Enbridge is trying to rise from the dead

BlogJun 1, 2016Michaela Montaner

Federal approval of Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipelines and tankers proposal expires in December. Last week, Enbridge asked the National Energy Board (NEB) for a three year extension to try to generate more support for the project (ha!). The NEB ... Read More

UNFILTERED: Hunting vs. the grizzly bear trophy hunt

BlogMay 27, 2016Pacific Wild

It’s been three years since Clayton Stoner killed Cheeky the grizzly for “trophy” in the Kwatna estuary, an area of British Columbia coast Coastal First Nations have declared off-limits to trophy hunting . In January 2016, Stoner was found guilty of ... Read More