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Photo by Ian McAllister

Nine Reasons We Want Fish Farms out of B.C. Waters

BlogMay 25, 2018Krista Roessingh

On June 20th, twenty-two fish farms on the B.C. coast are up for tenure renewal, despite a growing resistance from First Nations, B.C. and international citizens. There are over 100 open-net cage salmon farms along on the B.C. coast, 98% owned by ... Read More

Smothered Beauty

BlogApr 26, 2018Pacific Wild

Authored by Pacific Wild correspondent Tavish Campbell "Be safe!" yelled Farlyn as I rolled out of our small Zodiac. Zipped tightly into my drysuit, with camera in hand, I ducked under the surface and descended into the blackness. My sister had ... Read More

Photo by Tavish Campbell, "Smothered Reef: Salmon Farms and Glass Sponges"

Glass Sponge Reefs and the Need for Protection

Related NewsApr 26, 2018

APRIL 26, 2018 - Glass Sponge Reefs and the Need for Protection, CPAWS BC Introduction Glass sponge reefs are a globally unique treasure thought to have gone extinct 40 million years ago, until living glass sponge reefs were discovered in Hecate ... Read More