Art by Di

Canadian artist Di was born in Vancouver in 1984 and developed her unique painting style after graduating from Simon Fraser University as an Archaeological Illustrator. Restricted by technical details and colourless inks in 2012 she broke free into the world of acrylic paint. Completely self-taught her style evolved through the exploration of using bright solid colors and flowing lines to reduce the endless detail of life into calming, simplistic beauty.

Much of Di’s focus is on the unique species that inhabit the coastlines of British Columbia. Growing up on the west coast she has developed an intimate connection with forest, mountains, sea and the animals that call it home. She clearly conveys this reverence for nature in her paintings, highlighted by her commitment to bringing attention to nature conservation.

Di donated a portion of a recent show on Bowen Island at The Commons Gallery, and continues to donate a portion of print sales to Pacific Wild.

The artist lives and works on Bowen Island, Canada.


Golden Grizzly painting by

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