Great Bear II – Ocean Adventures

Imagine watching tiny Grizzly cubs “working it out” or seeing Grizzly Bears playing in the river in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest… Imagine that moment when a Spirit Bear walks out of its rainforest home in search of a salmon dinner… Imagine learning about the unique and powerful First Nations’ cultures that have lived here for millennia, a part of this ancient, temperate rainforest.

You can travel with us to the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest to the traditional territories of the Heiltsuk and Kitasoo Xai Xias People while supporting Pacific Wild.. and here’s how you can do that…

When you join us for a 6 – 9 day trip through the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest in May-June:

or on an 8-day trip in the Great Bear Rainforest in August-September:

…we are happy to donate 5% of the cost of your trip (before tax) to Pacific Wild!

To learn more about us, including why we take a maximum of 5 guests on each trip, you can click on this link:

To learn more about our 54 foot “Great Bear II” (with views to the outside from every room on board, so you never miss anything), you can click here:

To learn about all that we include in the price of our trips, you can visit our Schedule page by clicking on the following link and then scroll down to just below our 2019 Schedule:

Who knew that making a donation could be so much fun?

Join Ocean Adventures Charter Co.: aboard our “Great Bear II” for your trip of a lifetime, while supporting Pacific Wild.

Contact us: for more information and available bookings.