Qqs Projects Society

Qqs Projects Society is dedicated to supporting Heiltsuk youth,culture, and environment in order to create a strong and vibrant future for our children, our Nation, and our territory.  Qqs is a partner in the SEAS Community Initative.

“We are devoted to building capacity and revitalizing our culture by supporting important community initiatives that will uplift the Heiltsuk people. We empower our youth and families by providing opportunities to learn and practice our gvi‘ilas (traditional values and laws) as well as Hailhzaqvla, our language.

We establish and participate in Heiltsuk-run projects focused on the monitoring and stewardship of Heiltsuk traditional lands and resources in the belief that our environment is the foundation of our culture.

Our goal is to help create a new generation of Heiltsuk leaders who are committed to the revitalization of our culture and to the sustainable management and use of our lands and resources. We strive to build and maintain an efficient and effective organization that is accountable to our members, our staff, our partners, our Board, and the wider Heiltsuk community.”

Web site: QQSProjects.org