Thor and Pax are using the 2019 Race to Alaska and the attention it garners to take up a growing call for action to help our oceans by raising money and awareness for its lasting protection and preservation.

They are restoring and modifying a 16’ Swampscott Dory to row and sail 750 miles from Port Townsend, Washington to Ketchikan, Alaska as part of the 2019 Race to Alaska. Nearly everything used to fix up and outfit the boat has been salvaged, repaired and given a second life. Even the boat was saved from the blackberry bushes! They set sail on June 3rd. Whatever they raise up to $6K will be split 50/50 with Pacific Wild. Anything raised above $6K will go straight to Pacific Wild.
Their voyage is an effort to fight the collective apathy to our oceans ongoing destruction. By doing what they can with what they have, Team Funky Dory hopes to inspire individual and collective action to protect and preserve our oceans. Start a conversation. Learn something new. Donate time, money, expertise, effort, anything that fills up the bucket, drop by drop. The more the health and well-being of our oceans is in our public discourse, the more effort we will make, as a whole, to preserve and protect it.