The Healing Pear

The Healing Pear began as a creative and metaphysical pursuit by shop owner, creator and curator, Trish Odorico, in 2015, and has been flowing within those realms ever since. We specialize in high quality and carefully designed and curated gemstone adornments to decorate the physical and feed the spiritual. Our intentions are to promote emotional well being and respect and amazement for all things natural. We hope that here you will find a unique piece that carries an energy perfect for you, that inspires you, and that acts as armour for the powerful and unique vessel that carries you.

“When designing, I call on inspiration from the amazing wildlife and habitats around the world, and especially from the many places I’ve been fortunate to call home; from beautiful British Columbia to the dramatic west coast of the Scottish Highlands on the Isle of Skye. I’ve always had an intense interest in the natural world and the mystical unknown. I’m constantly amazed by this human experience and I want to share little pieces of that with all of you.”
— Trish, The Healing Pear


Instagram: @thehealingpear