• Dispatches from a Northern Rainforest

    Conservationist, photographer, and longtime Great Bear Rainforest resident Ian McAllister, takes us on a deeply personal journey from the headwaters of the region’s unexplored river valleys down to the hidden depths of the offshore world

    $29.95CAD Paperback/Softcover

  • Ghosts of the Great Bear Rainforest

    Ian McAllister’s second book The Last Wild Wolves, Ghosts of the Great Bear Rainforest is an intimate portrait that documents for the first time ever a distinct population of wolves living on the rugged north coast of

    $29.95 CAD

  • Canada's Forgotten Coast

    If you are interested in learning more about conservation of this important area and its wildlife, we invite you to read The Great Bear Rainforest, by Ian and Karen McAllister with Cameron Young.

    $39.95 CAD

  • Giants of the Great Bear Rainforest

    Extensively illustrated with Ian McAllister's photographs, The Salmon Bearsexplores the delicate balance that exists between the grizzly, black and spirit bears that inhabit the last great wilderness along the central coast


  • Living Wild in the Great Bear Rainforest

    These unique wolves swim like otters and fish like bears!

    $19.95 CAD

  • Exploring the Marine Life of a Pacific Paradise

    Just below the surface of the Great Bear Sea, a world of mystery exists.

    $19.95 CAD

  • The Sea Wolves, The Salmon Bears, and the Great Bear Sea

    Complete set of Great Bear books series: The Great Bear Sea, The Sea Wolves, and The Salmon Bears


    $55.00 CAD

  • By Ian McAllister and Nicholas Read

    This nonfiction picture book is part of the My Great Bear Rainforest series. Stunning photographs follow a pod of orcas as they roam the waters of the Great Bear Sea, hunting for their next meal.

    $19.95 + shipping

  • by Ian McAllister and Nicholas Read

    When storms roar and orcas are on the prowl, it's the seal gardens of the Great Bear Sea that provide safety and shelter to sea lions, otters, a variety of seals and other sea mammals.

    $19.95 + shipping.

  • Black bears, grizzly bears, and spirit bears all make their home in the Great Bear Rainforest.

    $19.95 CAD Softcover Paperback

  • A family of wolves in the Great Bear Rainforest

    The Great Bear Rainforest is a majestic place full of tall trees, huge bears and endless schools of salmon.

    $19.95 CAD

  • Voices from the Forest and the Sea - Lorna Crozier and Ian McAllister

    A forest draped
        with moss and mist-
    a softness,
        a quietude-

    $24.95 CAD