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On August 14th, the NDP government announced a ban on the grizzly bear trophy hunt province-wide and a stop to all hunting of grizzlies in the Great Bear Rainforest – after the fall hunt, which began the day after the announcement. We are relieved that the government followed through on its promise to ban all grizzly killing in the Great Bear, honouring the ban enforced by Coastal First Nations since 2012. Thank you so much to all of our supporters and allies, Coastal First Nations, and everyone who has worked doggedly for decades to stop this barbaric practice. 

The changes still allow for the killing of grizzlies in the rest of the province so long as hunters take the bear’s edible portions. This does not make for a true end to trophy hunting; it is a loophole that may lead to more poaching for valuable trophies, and it is unclear how it will be enforced. Grizzly bear meat is rarely eaten by hunters. Even if the meat must be checked by a Conservation Officer, it could still be discarded afterwards. We do not oppose hunting for food, but one of the most powerful, intelligent, slowest-reproducing, and farthest ranging land mammals is not a necessary or ethical food source. 

Grizzly bears are already under threat from B.C.'s wildfires, the decline of many wild salmon stocks, conflicts with humans, and other impacts related to climate change and habitat destruction. The Province's estimates of grizzly bear numbers are questionable, and grizzly deaths have exceeded the government's own threshold in several parts of the province repeatedly due to a combination of trophy hunting and other human-caused mortality. Meanwhile, the commercial bear-viewing industry is growing rapidly. Bear viewing provides local employment, doesn't impact bear populations, and attracts tourists who appreciate seeing grizzly bears alive, in intact habitat. However, bear viewing is directly impacted by bear hunting in areas where these two activities overlap. 

Click here to read our news release, as we urge the province to make the ban complete. 

The goal

British Columbia is one of the last refuges of the grizzly bear, which once roamed widely across North America. We need to take a stand to fully protect grizzly bears throughout B.C., now - here's how you can help today:

      1. Send a message to the B.C. New Democratic Party
      2. Sign the petition to stop trophy hunting


Grizzlies are listed as a species of special concern by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada, yet the province has allowed a Limited Entry Hunt for trophy hunters twice a year. B.C.'s grizzly population has fallen from an estimated 35,000 bears in 1915 to possibly as low as six thousand today. 

  • The province has made scant progress toward its promise of establishing no-hunt grizzly bear management areas;

  • The population estimates on which annual harvest rates are based are widely contested by independent biologists;

  • Many bear researchers contend that actual population numbers cannot sustain current levels of hunting, with the result being that grizzlies could be decimated beyond recovery in up to 50% of the province within 40 years; 
  • Coastal First Nations banned trophy hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest in 2012;

  • The EU banned imports of grizzly bear parts over concerns about the sustainability of the hunt;

  • Two polls of B.C. residents revealed that 90% of citizens oppose the hunt (many trophy hunters are tourists in Canada, and foreigners and corporations can own guide-outfitting territories);

  • Bear viewing generates far more revenue and employment than does guided bear hunting in B.C. 

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Recent Updates:


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April 11, 2017: B.C. Liberals promise to eliminate grizzly trophy hunting in the GBR. Read about it here.


March 28, 2017: B.C. Government urged to ban trophy hunting of grizzly bears. Read about it here.


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February 28, 2017: Wildlife slaughter proponents unite Read about it here. 


February 24, 2017: Let’s Make This a 2017 Election Issue. Watch the video here. 


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