This Can’t Still Be Happening to Wolves in B.C.

Our court date to argue the case against the illegality of the B.C. wolf cull is fast approaching on July 7th & 8th

There are over 1,000 hours of research and legal strategy invested into this action. It’s your support that has made this happen, and it’s your support that helps us continue to campaign for the protection of all wolves in B.C.

Your support goes towards...

Seven years later, hundreds of wolves are still being killed each year through an unlawful aerial cull. While the upcoming judicial hearing challenges the legality of the ongoing wolf cull, we are also working to support science-based solutions that protect endangered mountain caribou herds without scapegoating wolves. This means supporting ecosystem-based methods that minimize predation of caribou, as well as advocating for protection of the old-growth forest habitat that caribou require for their survival.

We have joined the call from the Takaya’s Legacy Project for a moratorium on recreational wolf hunting and trapping in British Columbia. Currently there is no limit to the number of wolves that can be hunted in most of the province, and there is no mandatory inspection of reporting of wolves that is required by hunters. This means that there is no reliable data on the total number of wolves killed each year.

Archaic wildlife management approaches need to change to a modern, science-backed approach that places ecosystem health and biodiversity preservation ahead of prioritizing industry, hunters and guide outfitters. The voices of non-profits like Pacific Wild, representing hundreds of thousands of people just like you, and independent scientists, need to be a part of this planning for a durable solution.

Your support powers Pacific Wild’s proven production of high quality, persuasive content that broadens public outreach and puts pressure on the B.C. government to move away from archaic wildlife management processes and into an ecosystem-based, science-backed approach that will #SaveBCwolves.

Your help is needed even more today

We invite you to join our Summer of Wolves fundraising and awareness campaign in any of the following ways:


Challenge your friends to a peer-to-peer fundraiser

Join Natalia in completing a running challenge, or come up with your own fundraiser (eg. an exercise or expedition challenge, an art fundraiser etc). Go solo or create a team, it’s up to you!

More Ways to Help

  • Download and share our #SaveBCWolves graphics on social media.

  • Show up at the B.C. Law Courts (800 Smithe St, Vancouver) on July 8th from 12pm-2pm to show your support for BC wolves. Download our printable posters to help get our important message across.

  • Add our #SaveBCwolves Facebook Frame to your profile picture.

  • Join The Call, our community of wolf advocates.

  • Share the recent study showing how simple, natural interventions in the forest can reduce wolf–endangered caribou conflicts by 85%.

  • Record a message for your local MP and MLA if you are a British Columbian and upload it to Facebook or Instagram Stories with the hashtag #SaveBCwolves.

  • Live outside of BC? Send a message to Tourism Minister Melanie Mark addressing the fact that wolves are worth more alive than dead, and that you will plan a trip to this province for leisure and spend your money here if they stop killing wolves.

  • Press your MLA to prioritize an ecosystem-based approach to wildlife conservation and ensure balance at government decision-making processes, adding representation of independent biologists and conservationists to the table.