The Salmon Bears

Giants of the Great Bear Rainforest

Extensively illustrated with Ian McAllister's photographs, The Salmon Bears explores the natural history of grizzly, black and spirit bears in the Great Bear Rainforest and their relationship with wild Pacific salmon. 

In clear language suitable for young readers, the authors describe the day-to-day lives of coastal rainforest bears through the four seasons. Packed with fun and interesting facts,The Salmon Bears brings the interconnections between bears, salmon and coastal ecosystems, and makes a strong case for the conservation of these animals and their habitat in the Great Bear.

Author royalties from sales of The Salmon Bears are donated to bear conservation efforts on the B.C. coast.

The Salmon Bears Reviews

"The Salmon Bears is a thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening read. The text's kid-friendly, informal tone helps steer the way through a mass of information that otherwise might be overwhelming. It's brimming with fascinating facts, such as that mother bears will eat their cub's waste, that a spirit bear is actually a black bear with white fur, and that bears rub their scent on trees in order to keep track of each other. The Salmon Bears shines a spotlight on a precious national treasure and makes an impassioned case for protecting its future." 

Quill and Quire, June 2010

The Salmon Bears has been nominated for a variety of awards:

  • CYBIL award in the Young adult/non-fiction category, 2010
  • Silver Birch Award, which is a children’s choice award through the Ontario Library Association’s Forest of Reading program.
  • The Christie Harris Illustrated Children's Literature Prize, a category of the BC Book Prize, 2011.

By authors Ian McAllister and Nicholas Read
Images by: Ian McAllister
Illustrations by: Martin Campbell
ISBN: 9781554692057
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers