Jan 10, 2015

Industrial contaminants continue leaching into one of the coast’s prime sockeye salmon rivers at the abandoned Namu salmon cannery.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada refuses to take action. The previous corporate owners, which include the Jim Pattison Group and George Weston Ltd, have not yet taken responsibility or action for the environmental disaster that continues to unfold.

Every day more and more oil, creosote, asbestos and other hazardous waste fall into the sensitive estuary and surrounding waters.

Update - Since this video was taken and hundreds of people wrote letters and petiioned the government, the provincial government issued orders to clean up “a very dangerous situation” that exists at Namu, on British Columbia’s central coast.

The Canadian Coast Guard launched an operation to remove 25,000 litres of oily water from inside a rusting old freighter in the harbour, and provincial remediation efforts are expected soon on shore.


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