Welcome! If you are interested in volunteering with Great Bear LIVE, offering Pacific Wild admin support, or volunteering directly on one of our camapaigns, you have come to the right place. 

First off, thank you for your interest. The volume of inquiries we receive is truly inspiring, there are so many people out there ready to take action for the Great Bear Rainforest, and it's thanks to people like you that our programs and campaigns are so strong. Though we cannot respond to individual emails, the information here will help you get a sense of current and future opportunities with us. 

Check back in early spring to see postings for spring/summer volunteer field positions, or sign up here to get alerts when a new position becomes available.

Internships and work-study placements

If you are a student seeking an internship, please email info@pacificwild.org with an outline of your program, skills, interests, funding situation, timeline and any other program requirements along with your resume or CV. Please allow at least one month before your application deadline so that we can consider your proposal. Please note that our paid internship positions are generally only available to students from First Nations communities on the central coast. 

Typical volunteer positions with Pacific Wild

Here is a brief description of the types of volunteers positions we occasionally offer. Please note these are provided for reference only. Unless they appear under "currenet postings" we are not recruiting for any of the roles listed. 

You can read about some of our volunteer experiences in their own words on our blog. Just click the names of the volunteers to read their own accounts of working with us. 

  1. Field season volunteers:  Due to our remote location and tight accommodations, we are unable to host all of the volunteers that apply. But, we sometimes have openings for individuals to join us in the field up in the Great Bear. Most often we need help monitoring hydrophones and remote cameras, reviewing archived material and maintaining databases as part of Great Bear LIVE and the Great Bear Sea Hydrophone Network. This work takes place on Denny Island in our Floatlab, with occasional trips out to service or install equipment. Occasionally we do need volunteer deckhands on dive trips who can help with image management, cooking and boat maintenance. Experience running small boats and ocean navigation are huge assets for all field positions, as is a willingness to get your hands dirty and help out wherever needed. Volunteers at our field station are asked to contribute for food and accommodation and must arrange for their own travel to and from Bella Bella/Denny Island. 
  2. Research volunteers other than above: These include lab or remote positions reviewing archived video or audio from Great Bear LIVE for marine mammal detections, and remote work reviewing policy, published research, news and other materials pertinent to our campaigns.
  3. Photography volunteers: Photographers are some of the most passionate supporters of our work, and we are so grateful for your interest. While we are not looking for any support in the field, we are always keen to see captures from your time in the Great Bear Rainforest, so please tag us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram when you post.
  4. Clerical and administrative volunteers: We are a small team and can always use help managing our databases and administrative work. We especially welcome students interested in non-profit management and public policy to work with us as we manage a small but powerful international team. Come see the work that happens behind the scenes!
  5. Local events support: While we wish our team could be in ten places at once, we frequently are looking for additional support at local events throughout British Columbia. Help us explain the work we do and why the Great Bear Rainforest is worth protecting!
  6. Students: We love student volunteers and do our best to support research and study requests from students around the world. Students are welcome to apply for the volunteer positions listed and submit a proposal incorporating additional academic work.