Wild Auction 2020 Excitement Builds In Lead Up To Bidding

Over 110 artists from around the world have come together to donate works to our annual fall event, #WildAuction2020.

Art for Conservation’s Sake

Over 110 artists from around the world have come together to donate works to our annual fall event, #WildAuction2020. These artists are committed to conservation in their daily practices, and have created pieces designed to bring Pacific Wild’s conservation campaigns into homes and offices and give comfort to us all during Covid-19’s intensity and need to stay close to home.

I have a deep love for wolves, bears and other large carnivores that tend to be misunderstood and blamed for conservation blunders by the government and the public’s perception. I’d love for my art to be used for promotion and protection of these wonderful animals – Christina Bindon

The auction runs from November 9-12 online in our dedicated auction site only. You do not need to be on social media to bid. Last year you said you wanted bigger pieces… this year there are sculptures, jewelry and large pieces and values run right up to $22,000!  Artists will be donating a significant portion or the entirety of the proceeds to Pacific Wild. (We have an ethic that says artists should not be asked to participate for free). 

It’s a fantastic way to support Pacific Wild’s campaigns, conservation-minded artists and bring beauty into your home this winter.

This week, artists are taking over our @friendsofpacificwild Instagram week for storytelling about their art practice, items in the auction, and their commitment to conservation. Be sure to drop in, and please share this graphic and link in your networks! https://www.charityauctionstoday.com/auctions/wild-auction-2020-14029

I have always been inspired by the Pacific, and by Pacific Wild’s work since I discovered it 3 years ago. I love your complex approach in addressing conservation issues, seeing them as matters of the land, sea and of the people as well…I am really happy to have this chance to contribute 🙂 I am especially fascinated by the role of Pacific herring in the Great Bear Rainforest ecosystem, so I dedicated my artwork to them – Altea Narici

Pacific Wild Gifts – Shop Early

Canada Post shipping times have increased dramatically with Covid-19 and growing shopping from home. If you’d like to purchase books, hats, t-shirts or hoodies as gifts this holiday season, the sooner the better to allow ample shipping time. Plan for 4 weeks within Canada and 8 weeks internationally. Shop.PacificWild.org

Prints – Bigger and Better Coming Soon!

This week we are launching our new print sales web site through our partnership with Smugmug.com, a world class photography sales service. More sizes to choose from, better print quality, and excellent packaging on shipping for Ian McAllister’s signature images. Watch our web site for an update.

I am endlessly inspired by nature in general, open spaces, unhurried existences, and vibrancies that sometimes exist just beyond the human eye; albeit brought into focus from time to time I find, with a distinct verve represented in and through photography and art. It’s critical that broader reaching conversation and preservation is achieved. There of so many at risk and essentially diminishing natural habitats here in BC and on the West Coast. An immensity of gratitude to Pacific Wild for their tireless efforts in being a catalyst for the protection of our natural world for future generations – Shawn Morris

Thanks to our Community

We want to say thank you to all of our wonderful supporters who help further conservation goals for the Great Bear Rainforest and British Columbia’s wildlife. Their vision for a balanced ecosystem that includes biodiversity, Indigenous leadership and stewardship, and a move away from traditional western ‘wildlife management’ towards holistic conservation is one we share. It is our privilege to work on these campaigns on their behalf. 

We are all challenged by Covid-19 and political issues globally. One of the ways many supporters have shared that helps them maintain a positive outlook is through conscious conservation based gifting this holiday season.