What’s Your Wild Side?

Complete this quick quiz to see which animal or habitat is your perfect match. When you do, you’ll learn about the spectacular wildlife living on the coast of British Columbia and receive a beautiful wallpaper of your result.

By participating, one dollar will be contributed to Pacific Wild on your behalf
It’s a great opportunity to raise awareness and support conservation efforts in B.C. Please pass this along to your family and friends to help animals in need today!

About Pacific Wild

The Pacific Northwest is home to the largest intact rainforest on the planet. But did you know that animals living in this region are often under threat? It’s true!

From unsustainable management to development projects — animals just like this one are being put at risk. They need a voice now more than ever. But don’t worry, there’s hope!

Pacific Wild is committed to speaking up for wildlife in the Great Bear Rainforest and the Pacific Northwest. Through innovative research, public education, and community outreach, Pacific Wild is leading the way in conservation and creating lasting environmental protections for the lands and waters of B.C.

For us, it’s all about sustaining the health of our coastal ecosystems for our wildlife and everyone else who lives here.

There are so many amazing ways people are coming together to help save animals and habitats like the one you’ve matched with today. Would you join in helping protect wild spaces?