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When facing obstacles I am:

In social situations, I am:

When I was a child, my parent(s) would describe me as:

I am drawn to:

An interesting insight into me is:



You're an orca/killer whale. You're curious, groove to strong women, mischevious and vocal.


You're a salmon. Persistent, determined, generous, you are one of many but make a big impact. You are key to a vibrant culture going back over 10,000 years.

Spirit Bear

You're a spirit bear. Somewhere, sometime you branched off into a different way of being. You are drawn to Indigenous reconciliation, have powerful connections, and are a creative thinker.


You're a wolf. You believe in engineering systems that will lead to results, you're all about family, you're not afraid to lead, and sometimes you get an undeserved bad rap. But alphas can take it.


You're a grizzly. You are quiet by nature but can make a scene when you need to. You know when to take up space and make your voice heard, and when to do some serious thinking and grab a nap. Your diet is driven by the seasons, and winter is great for slimming down.

Old Growth Forest

You're an old-growth forest. You have deep roots in community, and you nurture others. You can throw shade or be cool, you appreciate complexity, and are wise with an old soul.

Kelp Forest

You're a kelp forest. You move and flow with the tides in your life. You like complicated, many-faceted ideas and appreciate mystery. You're not afraid of expressing emotion, and find beauty in chaos.

Sea Otter

You're a sea otter. You're popular and love hanging out in large groups, but sudden change can startle you. You're great with tools, always hungry, and you're an expert napper!