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Gearing up for the Summer

BlogJun 25, 2013Diana Chan

The beauty and eeriness of the other-worldly symphony stop everyone in their tracks as the sounds of various pods from A and G clans fill the float lab. The increasingly familiar orca whistles and squeals are building a following as more people ... Read More

On the doorstep of change

BlogApr 30, 2013Guest Blogger

by Michael Reid There is no more second-guessing our collective efforts when it comes to defending our coast. Last night's much-anticipated Provincial leaders debate offered a reminder of how pipeline politics have gone from relative obscurity to ... Read More

Herring Confidential

BlogApr 23, 2013Guest Blogger

Claire Hume How did one of the most important herring stocks on the BC coast suddenly collapse, contributing to a cascade of economic, cultural and ecological decline? As with most things related to fisheries mismanagement in Canada, it starts with ... Read More

Setting Up the Herring Cam

BlogApr 1, 2013Guest Blogger

By Claire Hume, Pacific Wild Intern En route to set up the remote camera for the herring spawn, I quickly forgot about my cold fingers and toes when Max spotted a dolphin porpoising nearby. I struggled to count the fins as they briefly broke the ... Read More

It’s That Time of Year Again

BlogMar 28, 2013Diana Chan

Sun, snow, rain, hail, repeat. All within an hour. This is the “herring weather” that greeted the rest of our field crew when they arrived last week and began readying boats and testing equipment for our work to document the herring spawn . This ... Read More

Hydrophone Scouting in the Great Bear

BlogMar 21, 2013Guest Blogger

by Claire Hume, Pacific Wild intern With herring season upon us, a small group of us here at Pacific Wild took advantage of a break in the weather and took a trip along the outside of the Great Bear. Our mission was to identify new locations on the ... Read More

Diving with Sea Lions in the Great Bear Rainforest

BlogMar 12, 2013Guest Blogger

By Tavish Campbell. Ian McAllister being filmed photographing a playful group of sea lions along the proposed Enbridge and LNG tanker route in the Great Bear Rainforest. This group of sea lions lives less than one kilometer from an estimated 2000 ... Read More

Rail or Pipe, it is Still the Great Bear Rainforest

BlogJan 24, 2013Guest Blogger

By Claire Hume, Pacific Wild Intern In response to growing opposition to the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal, alternative methods of transporting bitumen from Alberta to Kitimat, British Columbia are being explored. One such option is rail, with ... Read More

Lost World, Below the Great Bear

BlogDec 31, 2012Ian McAllister

Just before the holidays, as the northern Enbridge hearings were coming to a close for the year, I managed to untie our frozen dock lines to head out for a few days assisting with some routine hydrophone maintenance while searching out some new ... Read More

To Fish or to Kill Wolves? That is the Question.

BlogDec 17, 2012Ian McAllister

A few people have contacted me today asking what the difference is between a fishing derby and a wolf-kill contest. Why is it ok to offer prize money to kill the biggest fish but not a wolf? Personally, I am not a fan of killing any animal for prize ... Read More