Our Team

Karen McAllister
Executive Director

Laurie McConnell
Dir. of Community & Systems, Wolf Campaigner

Darryl Whetung
Post Production Manager

Natasha Wehn
Project Director

Rob Hackney
Manager of Finance

Sabrina Trethewey
Digital Coordinator

Chloe Hajjar
Communications Manager

Sydney Dixon
Marine Specialist

Bryce Casavant
Director of Conservation Intelligence

Bryce Casavant
Director Conservation Intelligence

Bryce began working at the age of 16 in the aviation industry, during which time he finished an apprenticeship and achieved a technical diploma in aircraft mechanics. Later, Bryce enlisted in the Canadian Forces, ultimately serving on the front lines in Afghanistan as an Operational Police Mentor. Following his honourable release from service, he entered public service as a Conservation Officer in British Columbia. Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Bryce considers himself a conservationist and is often known around town as “that bear guy.”

In 2015, while working as a Conservation Officer, Bryce earned international attention when he respectfully declined a provincial order to destroy two bear cubs. Bryce followed the law and stood up for BC’s wildlife. His actions inspired a national dialogue about the sustainable conservation and safe treatment of animals in British Columbia. The cubs he saved were released back into the wild in 2016 where they continued to grow and thrive. Through that experience, Bryce has spent much time in court on environmental matters. 

Today, Dr. Bryce J. Casavant is focusing on being an advocate for the environment, his community, and most importantly, being a father to his young daughter, Athena. He holds a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Doctorate in Social Sciences from Royal Roads University. Bryce is a graduate of the Military Police Academy and the Western Conservation Law Enforcement Academy. He is currently studying part time for his qualifying law degree with Robert Gordon University.