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trawler vessel with seagulls following
Bottom Trawling

In the News: Trawl Fisheries

Grizzly bears are listed under the Species at Risk Act and have some protections in place in Canada as well as in the United States, including B.C’s ban on the grizzly bear trophy hunt which was put in place in 2017. However, pro-hunting sentiment has remained and there are concerns that protection measures for grizzlies may be threatened on both sides of the border in 2023.

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Image of Pacific Herring Spawn 2019

Herring and the Interconnected Coast

Pacific Wild staff teamed up with content creators Ben Kielesinski and Christian Weiser from Jack Wolfskin, to capture the magic of the herring spawn and trace its connections through the food web.

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Open Letter: 11 Points on Grizzly Bear Stewardship

Fifty-five environmental and animal care organizations, conservationists, scientists and nature-based businesses have signed a joint letter to the BC government opposing a new plan that would profoundly change the management of grizzly bears.

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Resources for Teachers

We’ve created a list of some resources for teachers to share with students about some of the amazing biodiversity in B.C.

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