Pacific Wild is the leading voice for Wildlife Conservation in the Great Bear Rainforest and beyond.


Using our powerful, authentic, visual storytelling (film, photography, books), evidence-based reporting, wildlife monitoring, legal action and community-led initiatives, Pacific Wild leverages its many partnerships to influence policy, public opinion, and legislative change to more urgently support healthy and protected ecosystems that can sustain optimal biodiversity throughout the northwest Pacific region.


Pacific Wild supports innovative research, public education, community outreach and raising conservation awareness to achieve the goal of lasting environmental protections for the lands and waters of the Great Bear Rainforest and throughout the wild Pacific Northwest.


Large-tract wildlife conservation areas like the Great Bear Rainforest become part of a much larger matrix of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), Indigenous Conservation Protected Areas (ICPAs) and other protected parks, conservation lands and waters, all permanently established by legislation, managed by inter-agency cooperation and robustly monitored with world class environmental regulations that are strictly enforced and legally upheld.

Pacific Wild is a Registered Canadian Charity

(85980 7828 RR0001)

All gifts made to Pacific Wild are tax deductible and Pacific Wild will issue a donation receipt for all gifts ($20.00 and greater) for your records and tax filing purposes. These donation receipts will be issued once per year following the end of each calendar year.

For more information on making donations, creating a gift in your estate plan/Will that will benefit Pacific Wild in the future, or for information related to gifting appreciated securities (stocks) and other ways you can support our work, please call 250-380-0547 or email: donations@pacificwild.org.

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